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Basic Search

Examples & Tips: Title starting with...
  • Do NOT include initial article:""a", "the", "ה", etc.
  • interpretation of
  • אדום והשחור
  • הומור ואישיות
  • Word order matters; enter words of the title in the correct order.
Examples & Tips: Author
  • Type in last name first.
  • hilgard e
  • ברק אהרן
  • nobel symposium
  • מכון בן צבי
  • stryer l
Examples: Subject starting with...
  • Subject headings are in English. For Hebrew subjects use keyword search.
  • israel-census
  • rabin yitzhak
  • social medicine
Examples & Tips: Words Anywhere
  • Enter unique words from the title, subject or certain notes fields, such as Table of Contents or Publisher.
  • Use truncation (* or ?) to expand terms.
    e.g. ethic* finds: ethics, ethica, ethical
  • Use "and" "or" "וגם" "או" in the following way:
  • ethic* and medic*
  • ילדים וגם זכויות
Examples: Keywords from Subject
  • shakespeare and hamlet
  • constitution* and israel
  • feminism or wom*n
  • darwin and heb
Examples: Keywords from Author
  • maimonides
  • כהן וגם יוסף
Examples: Keywords from Title
  • kant and ethics
  • קולנוע ישראלי
Examples: New Items (yyyymm)
Examples: Topics
Examples: Classification Number
Examples: ISBN Number
  • 0262692147
Examples: ISSN Number
  • 0261-510X
Examples: System Number
  • 000111086
  • 111086
Examples: Barcode
Examples: Old System Number
  • Precede old system number by library code in capital letters:
  • JMS0123457
  • MLB355267
Examples: Language
  • Type language code in English. Use only for less popular languages:
  • dan, cze, dut, est, por, swe, pre, per, etc.
Examples: Publisher
  • Blackwell
  • זמורה